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QI-305, QI-306, QI-505, QI-506

Another great choice to motivate, honor, and reward your recipients for their performances and value to your organization. Solid natural wood is geometrically stained rosewood and black, and is richly combined with either green or black marble. Carve vertically or horizontally. Presentation/Gift box included. Free Standing or Wall Hanging.

Available in two sizes.

Green Marble
QI-305 12 1/2H x 10 1/2W x 1D $106.00
QI-306 10 1/2H x 8 1/2W x 1D $90.00

Black Marble
QI-505 12 1/2H x 10 1/2W x 1D $106.00
QI-506 10 1/2H x 8 1/2W x 1D $90.00

These Granite Color Styles may be substituted for an additional $16.00:

G - Black Universe with Gold Enamel
H - Mahogany Red with Gold Enamel
I - Verde Green with Gold Enamel
J - Grayish Blue with Gold Enamel
K - Grayish Blue with Silver Enamel

Additional charge for logo and text engraving.

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